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Meditating with Baby

"Mama Spa" and Mindfulness Offerings

"Mama Spa"

In this package, the new mother will be guided through several pampering techniques for post-birth healing from around the world customized to her personal recuperative needs, comfort level/interest, and situation, including but not limited to:

Bengkung-Style Bellybinding (Malaysia)

Herbal Sitz Bath (Germany)

Womb Steaming (Morocco)

Floral Bath (Bali)

Hot Stone Abdominal Press (China)

Ayurvedic Healing Recipes and Practice (India)

Yoga Nidra/Yogic Sleep Meditation Exercise (India)

Guided or Artistic Meditation

Birth Story Processing

Soothing Touch (hand/foot/shoulder) and/or Self-Massage Tutorial with Warmed Oil

Foot Soak

Herbal or Plain "Padcicle" Prep

Relaxing Sheet Facial Masks

Warm Tea or Golden Milk with Nourishing Snacks

       & More!

When this package is delivered in-person, I will be there to draw the baths, prepare the teas, offer the foot and shoulder rubs, teach self-massage, and bind the belly. I am also able to hold space for meditation, birth story processing, and to explain the history behind these ancient healing traditions from around the globe. When delivered virtually/as a care package, I will do my best to guide you through a do-it-yourself version of this service package during an accompanying virtual meeting and through the enclosed instruction packet. The care package option makes an amazing baby shower gift for that new mama in your life!


It’s important to note that these practices are typically done within a group of women who take care of each other once one of them has a baby - I hope that this service package will bring a bit of the proverbial “village” into your home!

Mindfulness Offerings

Upon Arrival offers several services to help newly postpartum women with their mindfulness practice and with processing the birth and motherhood experiences. I am a certified meditation guide and therapeutic art life coach - I pride myself in customizing these services for motherhood so I can offer them to my clients to maximize their emotional wellness during this transformative time.

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