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The history of the Mother Blessing derives from the Navajo practice of the Blessing Way, where it is known as a "Hózhǫ́ǫ́jį́". Rooted in Native American traditions, the Blessing Way ceremony has been practiced for centuries as a way to honor and support pregnant women during their journey into motherhood. Over time, the concept of the Blessing Way has spread beyond the Navajo culture, becoming a cherished practice embraced by diverse communities worldwide. Today, it serves as a beautiful and meaningful way to celebrate the transformative journey of motherhood and honor the strength and beauty of expectant mothers.

Mother Blessing 

 A Mother Blessing is a sacred ceremony that focuses on nurturing, supporting, and empowering mothers-to-be as they embark on their journey into motherhood. It is a heartfelt gathering where friends, family, and loved ones come together to surround the expectant mother with love, positive energy, and blessings. It often takes the place of a baby shower, or is celebrated alongside one, to honor both mother and baby during this transformative time.


As a Mother Blessing facilitator, I will help you plan a serene and inviting atmosphere, designed to create a sense of calm and connection. Together we will discuss your options for your ideal suggestions for rituals, activities, and meaningful gestures that can be incorporated into the ceremony for a customized, fulfilling experience that resonates with your personal intentions and values.

Throughout the ceremony, I will guide you and your loved ones through various rituals and activities that foster connection and empower the expectant mother. These may include sharing blessings, where each participant offers a heartfelt message or affirmation for the mother's journey. There may also be guided meditations, visualizations, or gentle movements to promote relaxation and a sense of harmony.

At the end of the Mother Blessing, the expectant mother will feel deeply supported, cherished, and uplifted. The positive energy generated during this gathering will remain with her as she prepares for the transformative experience of motherhood.

I am honored to offer this Mother Blessing service, providing a space where love, connection, and empowerment intertwine.

Clients will have access to my collection of resources, including poems, prayers, and blessings that can be incorporated into the Mother Blessing ceremony. Additionally, I can provide guidance on creating symbolic rituals such as creating birth art or crafting a birth necklace, allowing you to infuse your ceremony with personal meaning and intention.

A Mother Blessing is a standalone social event planned to take place prior to the arrival of your baby or shortly thereafter. It can be performed as a one-off service or as an add-on to an existing postpartum support package.

*Also available as an online service*

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