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This gentle and soothing style of bodywork utilizes warm herbal oils applied to the body with long strokes and circular motions to promote relaxation, support circulation, enhance healing, and alleviate physical discomforts commonly experienced after childbirth, such as aching muscles and swelling. Abhyanga also provides emotional grounding, hormonal balance, pain relief, improved sleep, and rejuvenation, all while nourishing the skin, triggering oxytocin release (which helps support lactation and bonding with baby), and fostering a deep sense of well-being.

Infant and/or self-abhyanga tutorials are also available.



Derived from the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, this specialized technique focuses on specific energy/acupressure points on the body, known as marma points, to promote healing, balance, and restoration within. Through gentle touch and targeted light stimulation of these points, postpartum marma supports physical and emotional healing, lactation, hormonal regulation, stress reduction, lymphatic drainage, and alleviates swelling, as well as helping to provide a sense of grounding to new mothers.

During practitioner-given abhyanga/marma sessions, I will bring my portable table to your home and create a calm and quiet space for you to receive bodywork. I will then leave your space oil-free and tidy (so as not to disturb your relaxation!)

Bodywork can be purchased as a standalone service, or can be added to any postpartum support session for an additional fee.

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