A Note About CoViD-19 - I'm still here for you!


Upon Arrival

Andrea Luzitano, Postpartum Doula

Nourishing Your Mind, Body, and Home for a Peaceful Postpartum

A Note About Covid-19: I'm Still Here For You!

As of September 2020, I began to offer in-person services once again, with a limited client number capacity and safety precautions in place. I am also fully vaccinated/boosted, and still continue to use masks in clients' homes upon request. However, each of my in-person services has a discounted remote service equivalent - ideal for families who are uncomfortable with in-person sessions during this unusual time. Please contact me for more information about these remote service options.


Don't let these uncertain times keep you from the postpartum experience and support you deserve.


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Hi! I'm Andrea,
Your Friendly Neighborhood Nourishment Doula

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Through Upon Arrival, I "mother the new mother" and her family by providing healing meals, emotional wellness offerings, and local resources that gently guide them through the life-changing experience of early postpartum parenthood. Many women plan for the birth of a baby - but what about the birth of a mother? I am a firm believer in holding space for this precious time in life and keeping it as worry-free and comfortable as possible.

I will do my best each day to "work myself out of the job" by making sure that Upon Arrival’s post-birth care makes you and your family feel supported, comforted, well rested, well fed, and confident in your parenting abilities - fully prepared and ready for your “new normal.”


In many ways, a postpartum doula is your link to the modern day "village" of old: many resources and expertise gathered together in one easy to access form, ready to heal, pamper and support the newborn mother in the way she so deserves - nourishing her body, mind, and home to create a peaceful postpartum.

You deserve to have a peaceful postpartum with Upon Arrival!


"The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new."

- Rajneesh

"Postpartum" does not mean "depression."

"Postpartum" refers to the time after childbirth.


Postpartum doulas are for every mother!

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What is a Postpartum Doula?

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What Can A Postpartum Doula Do For Me?

To get an idea of what a typical shift might look like, read below or click this button for a description of

A postpartum doula can help get you and your entire family settled into your new roles by:

Visiting before baby arrives to stock up your freezer with postpartum meals and snacks, to set up feeding/changing stations throughout your home, and/or to perform other baby-prep tasks to ease your transition home

Cooking nutritious meals specific to postpartum healing or helping you meal plan and prep snacks (prenatally to stock your freezer before baby arrives, or anytime during in-person service afterwards)

Teaching you and your partner infant soothing techniques

Building your confidence as new parents and helping you to find your own personal parenting style

Providing emotional support during the transitional time of early postpartum, and offering mindfulness techniques for coping

Helping to ease siblings into their new role, and assisting parents in creating comfortable sibling and baby care routines

Providing you with a regular break for naps and time for yourself

Answering baby care questions

Updating grandparents on newer regulations of baby care

Providing a list of vetted local resources so parents don't have to research outside support during the groggy postpartum period

Providing sleep education to maximize rest and ensure accurate expectations and mindset around infant sleep

Recognizing signs of postpartum depression or other maternal mental health issues and providing referrals for support

Providing space for you to tell and process your personal birth story, and offering coping strategies to aide in healing if needed

Allowing you a break from the "witching hour" at the end of a long day

Ensuring you’re off to a great start with breastfeeding/bottle feeding, bonding and recovery

Easing the transition home by assisting you in setting up routines that will make day-to-day life a little easier

...and so much more!

Gift certificates available - makes a great baby shower gift or registry addition!

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Post-Birth Support

From our initial interview all the way through your post-birth journey, I will take the time to get to know you, your concerns and your needs. I’m always available to contact by phone/email throughout and will provide everything you require to make sure your post-birth experience is as calm and smooth as possible.


Infant Sleep Solutions

As a mother of 4 young children, I personally understand how precious (and rare!) sleep can be. I have extensive training in gentle techniques to help you and your little one get into a healthy sleep rhythm so that you both get the rest you so deserve.

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Belly wrapping sessions are available to help your abdominal muscles knit back together, promote a healthy posture, and provide trunk support in those early days post-birth.

Meditating with Baby

"Mama-Spa" & Mindfulness Offerings

New motherhood has a habit of scrambling our "baby brains" and making life move too fast! Upon Arrival offers several pampering and calming services to help unwind, relax, and process the monumental change that a new baby can bring.

"We had a lovely experience with Andrea as our postpartum doula. She was helpful, caring, and attentive to our needs as first time parents. Andrea is a mother of three and soon to be four children, and with that comes a wealth of experience and suggestions that have been incredibly helpful to us. I would recommend and refer Andrea to friends and family."

Marie B., Post-Birth Support Client

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